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Applying Lean to the Management of Change E-mail


Course Overview

This course explores how  the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Transactional Lean Sigma can be used to enhance change management for both software and non technology driven business transformation.

Lean is an approach used in many organisations to improve business processes and the customer experience. The principles of lean as applied to manufacturing and transactional processes of service companies can be used to “supercharge” change management and software development.

Course Content

  • With reference to Womack & Jones’s “Lean Thinking”,  the five principles of Lean are explored with examples and delegate reflection on how this applies to change and project management.
  • Shows how  “Lean” techniques can be used to manage and deliver both business- and technology-driven initiatives.
  • Issues surrounding the definition of value in change projects and how the focus on value can reduce time to deliver and reduce costs.
  • Describes the Seven Wastes of Lean using the Mnemonic “TIM WOOD” and suggests some further key wastes with reference to how they apply to change management and software development.
  • Explores the use of “Hothouse” as a technique for innovation.
  • Explore DSDM as a development methodology and how this is different both in processes and culture from traditional approaches
  • Explores how an organisation’s culture will need to change in order to accommodate lean thinking in business transformation.

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