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Introduction to Lean Sigma E-mail

Course Overview

Lean-Sigma is a package of techniques, tools and approaches used in many organisations to improve business processes and the customer experience. The process improvement “tool box” has been enriched recently by combining two methods: six-sigma and lean thinking.

Course Content

  • Explores the origins of Lean Thinking in post-war Japan and how it has transformed manufacturing from mass production to Lean production.
  • With reference to Womack & Jones’s “Lean Thinking”  the five principles of Lean are explored with examples and delegate reflection.
  • Issues surrounding the definition of value in supply chains are discussed.
  • Describes the Seven Wastes of Lean using the mnemonic TIM WOOD and suggests some further key wastes with relevance to service industries.
  • Addresses the application of lean to services and explores the term Transactional Lean-Sigma.
  • Covers some basic statistical techniques that form the basis of Six Sigma.
  • Explores the origin and meaning of “Sigma” and explains why reduction in variation in process performance is key in improving the customer experience.
  • Looks at the Six-Sigma DMAIC improvement methodology.
  • Evaluates how Six Sigma is different from Lean and explains some inherent conflicts and  organisational issues with Six Sigma and how the two can be combined successfully.


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