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Business Architecture – An Approach for Effective Business Design E-mail

Content Overview

The course explores the world of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and its relationship with business architecture, where the key terms and their origins are discussed and understood.

Course Content

  • Overview of currently used methods, frameworks, languages and techniques in EA including the Zachman Framework, TOGAF, CCPPOLDAT and others
  • Addresses issues that arise between business and I.T. functions in understanding what adds value to an organisation including discussions about academic versus commercially viable activity.
  • Introduces the concept of value and value streams and develops an understanding of a customer-centric outlook to business design.
  • Investigates the strategic planning cycle and the use of Business Operating Models (BOMs), Target Operating Models (TOMs) and their integration into a transformation route map using investment appraisal techniques including Net Present Value (NPV), IRR, Return on Economic Capital (ROIC) and share holder value.
  • The workshop provides an overview for a selection of current best practices and techniques used in business design in major companies, including: Lean Design, Six-Sigma, Customer Experience, Cultural Matters, Organisation Design and Business Process Management.
  • Data architecture is discussed in a limited way with a commercial perspective in terms of its relevance to business architecture.
  • Diagramming and modelling techniques are discussed including the readability and the relevance of models and illustrations.
  • Practical hands-on syndicate work is used to develop a target operating model based on a case study using experience gained from the earlier parts of the course, the attendees themselves assisted by the course leader.
  • The role of the business architect is discussed and aspects of developing traction with both technical and business people is explored using a “pitch” role-playing exercise to understand how to present the benefits and handle objections to Business Architecture and reach a satisfactory conclusion resulting in a healthy balance between value for money and the application of structured design.

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